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How do I use the Consolidated Index of Laws?

The Consolidated Index of Laws and Subsidiary Legislation lists laws and their regulations (subsidiary legislation) published in the Cayman Islands, and you can use it to find laws and regulations on this website that have been published since 2008 as supplements in Gazettes or Extraordinary Gazettes.

All laws and regulations are listed alphabetically. After each law and set of regulations, you will see a ‘code’. For example: Grand Court Law (2008 Revision) G13/2008 s4.

This means that the Grand Court Law (2008 Revision) was published in Gazette 13 of 2008 as Supplement 4.

To find the latest Grand Court Law, all you need to do is go to the home page, find Supplements, find 2008 and then find Gazette 13, Supplement 4.

The same goes for locating regulations (subsidiary legislation). For example, to find Court Fees Rules (2008 Revision) G12/2008 s3; you will have to go to Supplements 2008 and then look for Gazette 12, Supplement 3.


  • “G” means the Official Gazette of the Cayman Islands.
  • “GE” means an Extraordinary Gazette and is followed either by its number (1995 on) or by the date on which it was published (up to 1995).
  • “GN” means Government Notice.
  • “p” means a page of the Gazette.
  • “s” means a supplement to the Gazette.
  • Please note that the Index is published for the information of users and is not intended to be an authoritative statement of locally enacted legislation nor of United Kingdom Acts and Orders in Council in force in, or applying to, the Cayman Islands. However, every care has been taken to ensure that it is as accurate as possible. If any errors or omissions appear therein, they should be drawn to the attention of the Law Revision Commissioner, P.O. Box 2394 GT, Grand Cayman KY1-1105, Cayman Islands, Telephone (1-345)-945-4731, in order that they may be corrected or included in the next annual Index.

How do I find out if a law has been published?

You can look in the Consolidated Index of Laws. However, keep in mind that this list is published once a year and might not include the latest publications. Therefore, another way of checking for a law or bill, is to go through the latest Supplements.

What is a Supplement?

All bills and laws are published as supplements to the Cayman Islands Gazette. These are listed in the Consolidated Index of Laws. Hard copies of supplements can be obtained from the Legislative Assembly.

What is an Extraordinary Gazette?

Extraordinary Gazettes are published in cases of special urgency. If you wish to publish a notice outside of the scheduled Gazettes, you can request an Extraordinary Gazette. These are published on Wednesday and Friday only, except on weekends and public holidays. The cost is CI$150 per page, with a minimum fee of CI$600. Fees for Extraordinary Gazettes in excess of four pages will be assessed in multiples of four.

How can I subscribe to the Cayman Islands Gazette?

Download and fill in a subscription form and deliver or mail it, with payment, to the Gazette Office. See Contact Us for our full address.

Where can I get a list of this year's publication dates?

See Publication Dates and Submission Deadlines for a complete lits of deadlines.

When is the cut-off time for notices to be submitted?

The Cayman Islands Gazette is published fortnightly on Mondays. Commercial notices must be submitted to the Gazette Office by 12 noon on the Friday before the publication date. Government notices must be submitted to the Gazette Office by 12 noon on the Wednesday before the publication date. These deadlines apply to all Gazettes. Any notices received after the stated deadlines, will automatically be published in the next issue, unless otherwise specified.

See Publication Dates and Submission Deadlines for a complete list of deadlines.

When is the next Gazette being published?

The Cayman Islands Gazette is published fortnightly on Mondays. Extraordinary Gazettes can be published any time, except for weekends and public holidays. See Publication Dates and Submission Deadlines for a complete list of publication dates.

How much does it cost to publish a notice in the Cayman Islands Gazette?

Costs for insertions in the Gazette are assessed at the rate of 65 cents per word. See Advertising Rates for more information. Cancelled, late or errata notices cost CI$25 per notice.

Last Updated 2015-09-09