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The Cayman Gazette is the official publication of the Cayman Islands Government.

Government Information Services publishes the Gazette fortnightly on alternate Mondays and on other occasions as ordered by the Governor. It is available free online and printed copies are available by subscription.

Weekly Extraordinary Gazettes may also be printed on Wednesdays and Fridays if there is demand from clients.

The Gazette contains official Government notices, and advertisements by members of the public as laid out by regulation. It is accompanied by supplements that reflect: Bills presented to the Legislature, enactments of the Legislature, Statutory Rules and Orders; as well as regulations, rules and other matters that the Governor authorises to be published.

By law all Gazettes contain the following content:

  • The title and the date of publication;
  • A list of official Gazette supplements published with the Gazette;
  • Official advertisements and notices which are required by law to be published in the Gazette or as Government or Public Notices;
  • Advertisements and notices placed by members of the public as authorised by regulation or otherwise; and
  • Any other matter that the Governor directs to be published in the Gazette.

In addition the following are published as supplements to Gazettes:

  • All Bills to be presented to the Legislature;
  • All enactments of the Legislature;
  • All Statutory Rules and Orders; and
  • Regulations, rules and other supplementary matters that the Governor requires or authorizes to be published.

Last Updated 2015-01-16